How much does it Cost to Develop a Mobile Application?

Mobile app development costs can change dramatically depending on a number of factors. So let’s be honest, everything has its price. When it comes to building mobile application, the time-honoured saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is perfectly justified. The answer to this interesting question is usually ‘it depends, which raises more questions than answers.

There are many app cost calculators available online that can be used to get an approximate idea; They range from $200,000 to $350,000 for an app with multiple features. And a small app with basic features costs about $10,000 to $50,000.

This post here will answer one of the most frequently asked questions which is, “How much does it cost to develop an app?” And “What factors does the cost depend on?”

Here are the aspects you need to consider in order to develop an application:

  • Type (mobile game, social networking, business, shopping, etc.)
  • Design (basic, personal, custom)
  • Platforms (iOS, Windows, Android)
  • Facilities and infrastructural features
  • Number of pages

Other mobile application development companies will provide you with quotes for your design and development considering these factors.

The average cost of creating an app depends on the app you want to create. Here is a list of things that make app development costs. Let’s analyze it in detail one by one.

What To Include In-App Cost?

Planning to build a simple mobile app? This is the right place to get a detailed understanding of what factors should be taken into consideration while developing a mobile app and how much it costs.

Before jumping on the price, first of all, you have to determine the specificity of the application. The needs of the general public or the demands of the user should be understood in-depth, and this analysis can answer multiple questions.

Understanding requirements can add up to a variety of factors, and these factors play a very specific role in the design of a mobile application. The mobile app has a simple calculation of costs, i.e.,

App Cost = Development Time × Hourly Rate

A simple calculation structure with detailed factors is described below:

Creating an application across the platform can attract a lot of investment, and bulk investments result in a large number of risks. This problem can be controlled by selecting a single platform to create an app and then withdrawing profits to create another app for different platforms.

Application Online OR Offline

An Internet-based application attracts a lot more value in the past than any other Internet-dependent application. Also, in earlier times, these were Internet-dependent applications that required a lot of costs but with backend technologies like Firebase, the design and development of the app have become affordable.

Features of number

The beauty of an app depends on the features you add to it, and the more features you add, the more investment you have to make, instead of what you can do, bring updates in version format and gradually increase ROI.

Number of Screens

The number of screens determines the investment in terms of time and money, as the number of screens can attract more financial investment. It is advisable to use fewer screens and feed more information which can save a lot of time and money.

Complexity of Backend

The backend plays an important role in any application as it stores data, manages information and credentials, etc. The front-end sometimes looks simple & easy but the backend becomes complex and that takes out a lot of investment which in turn becomes costly for an app owner.

UI/UX, Animation, Special effects

Applications that have excellent animation, gestures, and special effects attract more investment and thus, are the most expensive when creating gaming apps.

Who should you hire for app development?

Hiring is not a part of the app cost calculator but it is also an integral part of the overall cost if we look at it. For example: if you hire a freelancer from your native country, it will cost you more than outsourcing the project. Outsourcing can also be costly if you do not do in-depth research but usually hiring a dedicated developer from a company will attract you more benefits and help you get some suggestions from their experience.

The cost of mobile app development depends on its type

Native apps

These apps are big and heavy apps that aim to provide the best user experience, optimization, and fast work. They use different device APIs and process different features at the same time.

Native apps start getting expensive based on the platforms you want to support because it involves more people in the app creation process of an app. They are usually business apps, education apps, and entertainment apps.

Hybrid Apps

Cross-platform applications that are best suited to reach a large audience right from the start.

If the build process involves a team and a code that works for all platforms, the development and maintenance costs for this app are minimized.

But cross-platform applications have been less optimized; They lack access to APIs and cannot provide the same user experience as the native apps.

It is only suitable for small and medium communication applications, such as lifestyle applications or sports applications.

Database Driven Apps

These are apps that are complex with bulk data to operate, stored directly in the device memory or on a web server.

For this app to work as desired, additional features like a camera, internet connection, or access to a phone gallery may be required.

Native applications that use device memory to store data libraries are various mobile dictionaries or encyclopedias.

Basic Functionality App

These apps are very fast to build and contain little or no features. They are made for personal use and cannot be found in the App Store.

Typically, they are created to view a list of topics – where you can click on a question and find information about it or view another list.

Firmware/Hardware Dependent Apps

These applications access mobile devices and are intended to increase efficiency. Functions include alarm, flashlight, camera, etc.

For example, Alarm is an app that allows the user to customize the alarm clock.

Mobile/Gaming Apps 

Sometimes the question arises, how much does it cost to create a game app? For this purpose, you need to consider its features.

Games can be simple and advanced, with 3D and meta graphics and various features like physics, global ratings, AR support, and social media integration.

So basically, building a more sophisticated gaming app can be expensive. Gaming apps are one of the most popular apps worldwide, and of course, more profitable.

How much does it cost to create an app by geographic region?

You want to know, how much does it cost to create an app worldwide? The answer is that it’s about $65,000 more.

The basic application can easily attract up to $20,000 which includes integration and development. Geographic location is very important for creating an application as it can either save you money or charge you more than expected.

There are thousands of companies in geographical locations claiming to be the longest and most experienced IT solution deliverable.

Appropriate research should be done to find out which of these thousands of companies benefits the company. Benefits do not include service, maintenance and support, design and development factor and last but not least rate per hour.

App development price breakdowns vary profoundly according to geographic location; The hourly rates worldwide for app development are:

CountryAndroid ($/hour)iOS ($/hour)
North America165150
South America4334

The cheapest listed above is Indonesia and the most expensive in South America. If we go by calculation, Indonesia is 12.5 times more expensive than South America. The cost of working is different in each country.

Cost of developing the app according to the features of the app

According to a survey conducted, about 80% of mobile apps take about three months to develop, and 40% require six months or maybe more.

App development is a complex process, and the cost of creating an app is also controlled by the set of features and design. Many ask if you can create an app for free.

However, that is not possible. Companies may offer you a free consultation, but they cannot create the entire application for free.

There is no single price tag set for features, as it is different for each app project; They are logically different, and they can also be different in design.

Hourly rates, low cost ($ 25) and average ($ 50) can be used to estimate cost.

User Login

This is a feature where app users have to register and log in to use the app.

The most popular option is to register users by email or phone when signing in via social media. Signing in makes the app easy to use.

In addition, it creates user-profiles and collects public data. This practice takes 20 hours and is standardized.


Application navigation defines how users move from one screen to another, how they return to the main menu, how they perform certain activities, and how to close the application.

Scrolling, swiping, buttons, arrows, and icons mean that the UI architecture is the basis for building the app. This logic takes more than 10 hours and can charge around $ 250-500.

Media Content

Although interactive features appear by default, they are also a result of individual work. Some of the applications need graphics, images, videos, and audio file support. The best example can be Video Editing App Like Magisto.

Almost all social networking and messaging apps need this, including editing capabilities, filters, effects, emojis, smileys, GIFs, and more.

From a developer’s point of view, there are specific tips: C ++ is more reliable than Java for implementing media content in applications.

Also, the Native Development Kit (NDK) is very helpful. App engineers need at least 20 hours and charges can start at $ 1,000.

Push Notifications

Today it is the most sought-after feature in almost 99% of apps. These are real-time updates that keep users updated about app-related activities or services.

There are many types of notifications: simple text, images or action buttons. Also, the logic of the app includes – when and to whom notifications are delivered.

App creation time is between 20 hours and 200 hours. Price range is $ 1,000 to $ 10,000. However, for more information, you can contact the app developer and hire.

Portrait/Landscape View

The interface concept is an integral part of any application.

It’s usually a way of presenting a list of items in the app to users, also known as a master / detailed flow in the Android community and a portrait/landscape view for iOS.

It can take up to 20 hours to develop and can cost approximately $ 500- $ 1000.


It is a crucial feature for transportation apps, dating apps, food delivery apps, business apps, restaurant apps, travel, and many more.

It is based on GPS and real-time user permission.

Price estimates depend on the accuracy of the geographic location service and are divided into different categories: general area, mid-range proximity, and accurate location.

It takes about 50 hours to develop and costs between $1,250 and $2,500.


This is also an essential feature for many apps. There are still a variety of chats available that you may need such as direct person to person or group chats.

Chat / messaging has become an important aspect of marketing your business. You need to be aware of app marketing trends. It will help you in the long run.

It can support file transfer or save messages and auto-deletion option or works in offline mode, which includes sending emojis and notifications and much more.

It can take up to 80 hours to develop, and the price range ranges from $2,000- to $ 4,000.

Google Maps integration

With geolocation, if apps need to integrate Google Maps, the developer needs an extra 20 hours to do so.

But nonetheless, it is uncertain because it all depends on the ways in which the map is incorporated with the application logic and the functions that it should execute so it takes time. Prices start at $1,000.

In-app purchases

Sometimes the question arises how much does it cost to market an app? For that purpose, the purchase in the app comes into the picture.

Ads in the apps indicate purchase options right from the user’s smartphone.

It can be various content or items for purchase- products, services or subscriptions, premium features and much more.

Building this feature is not that complicated, but it can still take about 30 hours, and the estimated cost is $ 700- $ 1,600.

Payment Integration 

If users are buying something within the app, obviously they need to provide payment options, so it also needs to be installed.

Available to choose from Android Pay, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, PayPal, Stripe and many more payment systems. It can be integrated into the app directly through the Gateway API.

The scope of this work is determined by factors such as how payments are processed, where data is stored, and the level of PCI compliance to be provided. It takes about 50 hours or more to develop and costs between $ 2,500 and $ 5,000.

Multi-language support

This is helpful when an application needs to be presented in different languages for different regions.

Two notable factors that affect this function and its value are the scopes of data and UI adjustments.

This feature takes about 20 hours to develop and costs about $ 400-850.

Offline mode

The main feature of many apps is that they are available in offline mode. In the messaging app, you can view your chat history even after you have lost your internet connectivity.

Offline data storage and mobile app have several methods for accessing data – local coaching, cookies, shared preferences, local storage and SQL databases.

Overall, it takes developers about 40 hours to develop this, and it comes to about $ 1,000- $ 2,000.


When you decide to choose an offline mode, you may need a database to store data locally on the device.

Mobile app developers typically use a trusted open-source solution to set up databases.

SQLite is a small embedded database/library that stores all data in a single file on the device. The facility takes about 30 hours and costs around $ 850- $ 1,500.


This is when application control is in the user’s hands, and they can change the app’s estimate by changing the language, switching files from the list view, or full width.

The time required to develop this feature is estimated at 25-35 hours per screen. Prices start at $1,500.

Data encryption

The security of private data cannot be taken lightly. Data encryption is essential for any mobile business app to prevent unauthorized access.

This means converting information into code, and only the sender and recipient can decrypt it with a key.

For example, messages sent on Whatsapp are encrypted from end to end which ensures the security of confidential data.

The idea of becoming a mobile app is simple but important to implement.

We’ve talked about how much app development costs and how to reduce costs. The truth is that there are many factors that go into the cost of creating an app, or without a trusted partner, you could get lost. If you feel that your team lacks expertise, contact SPYHUNTER IT SOLUTION to get the average cost to develop an app that will reach your target users, meet your business goals, and take your company to new levels of success.

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