The impact of Artificial Intelligence on Mobile apps

Artificial intelligence is also known as machine intelligence in computer science. AI, processing by machines mimicking human intelligence. The process involves three steps: learning, reasoning and self-correction.

People who use iOS mobile devices are probably familiar with SIRI. And those who own a Windows Mobile phone should know Cortana. These are mobile software that works with the help of human voice. Some other AI mobile software is Alex, Google Assistant and Database. Mobile apps use AI to bridge translation gaps with the help of voice recognition.

Why use AI on Mobile apps?

Able to deliver personalized content

AI has the ability to analyze a user’s behaviour and determine what those users’ preferences are. Companies like Netflix can use artificial intelligence to provide their viewers with recommended shows and movies that may be of interest to them.

Help your customers respond

Many companies in the business receive inquiries that require answers. Most of them are internal. However, most customers are likely to be inquiring about everything from stock to specific products. AI generates multiple responses and applies them to similar questions. The immediacy and responsiveness will impress the customer and attract more sales to the company as well.

  • It facilitates image recognition
  • artificial-intelligence
  • It has automated Reasoning
  • Creates a hands-free user experience

To summarize, companies are currently using the first phase of what is possible with artificial intelligence. So its valuation will reach its peak very soon. The number of human-like machines will increase.

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