Top 5 Reasons to Need a Mobile Friendly Website

A mobile-friendly website is one that displays properly on devices such as smartphones, iPhones, iPads and tablets. There are many reasons for needing a mobile-friendly website which is listed below. It also supports the following features:

  1. Loads faster – Bloated sites cost more to access
  2. Easy to read – Mobile phone screen is 1/5th the size of a desktop computer
  3. Easy to navigate – Menus have limited space on mobile devices
  4. Minimal scrolling – Not only vertically but also horizontally

It’s been a long time since “mobile search” surpassed traditional desktop search. In this digital age, your website definitely needs to be mobile-friendly, simply because customers are expecting it. Mobile is where the online action is. That’s where companies like Facebook and Google are focusing their efforts. Simply put, using a mobile-friendly website is very convenient.

Here are some reasons why a mobile-friendly website is needed:-

Mobile usage is increasing massively:-

Look at it this way long gone are the days when desktops were used for even small purposes. It’s the mobile-friendly era and mobile has really taken over the desktop as the main way of web browsing. Having a mobile-friendly website is no longer an added benefit but is now an ultimate necessity if you want your business to thrive. Mobile usage is only progressing day by day and if the records speak for themselves, you cannot afford to be left behind in the race.

Google favours mobile-friendly websites:-

There is no hiding the fact that Google favours mobile-friendly websites in its searches. So while ranking the website with its algorithm, the mobile-friendliness of the website sets a high score. When a user searches for something, other things being constant, a mobile-friendly website comes up above a website that is not in the search results. It’s that easy!

A competitive advantage:-

Gaining a competitive advantage over others in the market is one of the main reasons for the need for a mobile-friendly website. Considering about 60% of business websites are not mobile-friendly considering the research done and the growing demand, you have to take the opportunity and make your website mobile-friendly in order to get ahead of your competitors. Having a mobile-friendly website also has the advantage of getting more local customers because local customers search on their smartphones and if you are on the top list of search engines, you are bound to get more customers.

Mobile users are action-oriented:-

A website user viewing a website on his mobile has a different behaviour than viewing the same website on a desktop. Mobile users prefer websites with more video or visual content as opposed to a written format. They want the website to work quickly and be convenient to use. Capturing the user’s attention in a mobile website includes providing easy navigation, better visual content and a seamless flow. So while optimizing a website, make sure to get all these points right as they are the key to better digital marketing and hence better profits.

More profits in the business:-

Profit and better revenue are the ultimate reasons why every business organization out there needs a mobile-friendly website. If you have a mobile-friendly website then your business is sure to get a much-needed boost in profits, simply because – mobile users are the ultimate buyers. Click to call, click to buy, with the ability to quickly find directions for your business. , menu displays, sales PDFs, etc. all ultimately lead to the interaction needed to sell your business. Since then, Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites; You can reach better simply by having a mobile-friendly website. A mobile-friendly website gets a better reputation if it is well run, user fulfilled for ease of use and quick results and ultimately profits you.

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